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Billing Resolution

The responsibilities expected in a Billing position can include Invoice delivery, account updates, payment tracking, client resolution and responding to any questions the client may have about their billing data.

Skills Considered for A Position in Billing Resolution:

  • Understanding of clerical and administrative procedures.
  • Ability to solve complicated billing problems.
  • Basic Knowledge of invoice and billing systems.
  • Excellent time management skills.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

Positions for Technical Support Field

Billing Specialist

Billing Specialists are responsible for reviewing and resolving billing issues, ensuring accuracy and timely payment of invoices, and assisting customers with billing inquiries.

Accounts Receivable Specialist

The Accounts Receivable Specialist is responsible for processing and maintaining accurate records of customer payments, reconciling accounts, and communicating with customers to resolve billing disputes.

Billing and Financial Analyst

Billing and Financial Analyst is responsible for analyzing financial data and identifying trends, as well as recommending solutions to improve the billing process.

Account Payment Specialist

An Account Payment Specialist is responsible for processing payments, reconciling accounts, and ensuring that payments are received and applied accurately.

Basic Responsibilities for a Billing Resolution career

  • Review detailed patient information for payment resolution.
  • Research and resolve complex customer account issues.
  • Respond to service inquiries regarding an existing account.
  • Analyze, troubleshoot, and resolve patient accounts.
  • Escalating complex billing issues to management for resolution.

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