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About Streecke

Streecke virtual business solution (svbs) provides a multichannel, high-quality professional customer services/technical support work from home opportunities to individual all across the United States for over 7 years.

Since then we have evolved into one of the top customer service/ technical support company, our flexible business model enables us to provide customer service on several levels-from everyday consumers to businesses with long-range projects. The company as served some of the worlds- best- known brands.

SVBS continues to innovate and influence the ever changing, remote workforce by rigorous processes to ensure consistency and great customer service for our clients we develop the right professionals with ongoing skills, education, security, technology and program strategy for a seamless customer experience.

Our history

Our story is one of change and choice that begins in 2016 as our founder and President Tracey Ann Streecke Stewart was pregnant with her second child. Long commutes and set work hours were no longer an option so she began exploring the option of working from home. Her entrepreneurial spirit inspired her to Partner with Arise Virtual Solutions Inc, a platform that enables a network of small enterprises to provide inbound call center resources to help fill a growing demand.

Necessity is the mother of invention.

Streecke Virtual business Solutions has since grown into a remarkable network of independent contractors, and a high-powered team of industry experts who partner with clients to create top notch results.

Our Difference

Set your own hours, select your own client all from the comfort of your home or any secure location in the United States. As a company, we also provide ongoing professional education and development at no cost to you.